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Hallo beste bezoeker, Welkom op mijn blog, waar ik mijn creatieve uitspatting laat zien, en ook wel eens iets anders wat me bezig houd.

Hello dear Visitor, Welcome to my blog,here you can find my crafts and other things that are on my mind.

When life gives you scraps, make quilts

maandag, augustus 25, 2008

I want Pictures

I Hate it that my camera is broken,I want to show you some pictures, I got a beuatiful Tilda matchbox from pascale,
She filled it with a lot a goodies, ribbons, buttons also the most beautiful hand made buttons(she made them herself) I am very happy with this excjange, Thank you so much Pascale.

I also finished a birthday block for Sonja,

And I finished the tree challenge quilt, I made 3 pollards in a polderlandscape,
But yesterday a friend made some pictures she will send it this week her internetconection was broken.

I am also working on my give aways, finished 2, but the others are half ways's.

so I am not sitting still.

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conny zei

Ik leef helemaal met je mee, zit ook even zonder camera. Lastig hè?