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Hallo beste bezoeker, Welkom op mijn blog, waar ik mijn creatieve uitspatting laat zien, en ook wel eens iets anders wat me bezig houd.

Hello dear Visitor, Welcome to my blog,here you can find my crafts and other things that are on my mind.

When life gives you scraps, make quilts

zaterdag, februari 23, 2008


I've got the make my day award from miriam: http://creatief-miriam.blogspot.com/ , thanks! I have to give the award to blogs I read and that make my day, pfff There are A lot of blogs that I read I will give an award to http://www.caro-en-rob.blogspot.com/, to:http://zipjezopje.web-log.nl/zipjezopje/,

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Caroline zei

Hi Jacq, I feel honoured that you gave me an award. Thank, I also had a lovely time on thursday, and I'm looking forward to our quiltweekend, only 1,5 week to go. greetings Caro, groetjes Caroline