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maandag, juni 30, 2008

house work

I am not a good house wife, I think, I do not like cleaning! I do like it when it is clean do. but with 6 people in a small house 3 adult and 3 children it's so hard to keep it clean. when my house looks nice, husband, my Dad and the children come home, and you do not see that anymore.And I do not want to be a mum who is always complaining about the mess,:D so that why I complain to You guys, sorry, but I think you know what I am trying to say, How do you do that. I have hopes it will become better, when the children are bigger, and Alice here toys are in here own room, but she only 4, and I like having here around me playing, that so much fun. she talk a lot when she plays. that gives me a smile on my face.
Thanks for listening to me, I feel a lot better know.

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Yvonne aka sommeke zei

"A clean house is a sign of a wasted life"

las ik ooit en vind ik een super gezegde!

Nana's Quilts zei

Lieve Jacq-
I don't have children living at home any longer, but I still don't have a wonderfully clean house. There are too many other things that I would rather be doing - sewing and quilting. So the mess stays around. Oh well.
Big hugs,

mthpersoon zei

Hi Jacqueline, My children do not live with me and DH anymore and now the two of us keep a reasonably tidy home until the children come home for a few days and immediately transfer our tidy home into the same mess they used to make when they were still at home. I have accepted this as part of having children. Sorry not being able to cheer you up in this matter :o))

Quilter Going Bananas zei

Hello Jacq,
I have a DH and 3 teenagers and our house is messy! I don't have any advice to give you, sorry! Enjoy your children; they do grow up very fast!

K from Canada

Miriam zei

Herkenning! Hier een dreumes van 1 jaar, 3 oudere poezen die continue verharen en m'n man, maar die maakt niet zoveel rommel. Gelukkig is m'n man er zo één die na een lange werkdag nog rustig vanalles doet in het huishouden. En nog goed ook, hij is eigenlijk beter in schoonmaken dan ik (bloos). Maar ik vind dat je mag zien dat er geleefd word in m'n huis, het is geen showroom. Maar als het dan helemaal opgeruimd en schoon is, dan geniet ik daar wél enorm van.