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When life gives you scraps, make quilts

zondag, juli 06, 2008

Tired but very Happy

Yesterday Morning, I got a nice phone call, my nephew Paul called.(his father is the youger brother from my mom).Paul is born and raised in new zealand, whe have met each other for the first time when I whas 15 and he and his twin brother where 17. they stayed with us that summer with his parents and his older brother, and whe had a great summer (to long to tell now)so I whas very suprised to get him on the phone.
I went to the train station in Nijkerk to pick him and his wife rozanne up. whe went to the farmers market that was in my litle village. whe bought some kroketten(croquet) , en een frikandel special(is a deep-fried Dutch sausage, and went home to eat them. then whe did some grosserie shopping, and went to the chinees restaurant to have some dinner. after diner Me and my Dad brought them to Hoek van Holland, beacuse the bought a ticket for England. The day whas to short! I loved spending Time with them.

Today: I went to Bep with Caroline and Simone, for the package day from Bep. whe met with some other bloggers, Ingrid h.g. connie, Gerda, some people from vd quiltkletsers list. whe did a lot of talking, but also got a workshop from Bep a stitcherie. So I am tired now, but so Happy!

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conny zei

Heerlijk dagje hebben we gehad hè?

Judith zei

Klinkt als een heerlijk dagje.