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Hallo beste bezoeker, Welkom op mijn blog, waar ik mijn creatieve uitspatting laat zien, en ook wel eens iets anders wat me bezig houd.

Hello dear Visitor, Welcome to my blog,here you can find my crafts and other things that are on my mind.

When life gives you scraps, make quilts

woensdag, juli 09, 2008

a way for a few days

No, I am not going on a holiday, I am going to paint my kitchen. My digi broke otherwise I could make before and after picturen, mmm I do not now if I want you te see the before picture :D. So bye bye, for a few days.

4 opmerkingen:

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

SchilderZE Jacqueline!

pascale zei

laat je maar eens goed gaan, met het schilderen.

Myra zei

Just thought I would say "HI"! Had a nice visit through your blog! You have some lovely quilt-works here...
Happy stitchings!

Janaina zei

Hey! What about the final work on the kitchen?! WE (read me...lol) all want to see how its looking like now! =)