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Hallo beste bezoeker, Welkom op mijn blog, waar ik mijn creatieve uitspatting laat zien, en ook wel eens iets anders wat me bezig houd.

Hello dear Visitor, Welcome to my blog,here you can find my crafts and other things that are on my mind.

When life gives you scraps, make quilts

zaterdag, augustus 30, 2008

Marne's RR going back home

Marne wanted her quilt to be come a real autumn quilt!, And I think that's what it looks like, look:

Caroline and I thought it would be nice to finish it with a last border (It's dark with litte coffee beans in the colours that are in the quilt.) I hope Marne likes it. Caro is going to visit Marne next week, and will give it her, and she will take mine RR back home, I am so exited! I made the final border on Caro's RR, that whas difficult, But with some help of Evy from the quilterspalet I know what to make, I will show it to you soon.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Certainly - het is prachtig! I heard that you had a very nice BBQ with Caro and Rob and your son was the "cook". Prima!

I am very excited for Wednesday and I think Miss Caro is too. Today was more cleaning of the house. I don't want her to be disappointed - I am a very bad housekeeper. I have other things to do. :->

Big hugs. Perhaps Caro and I can Skype with you while she is here.