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Hallo beste bezoeker, Welkom op mijn blog, waar ik mijn creatieve uitspatting laat zien, en ook wel eens iets anders wat me bezig houd.

Hello dear Visitor, Welcome to my blog,here you can find my crafts and other things that are on my mind.

When life gives you scraps, make quilts

woensdag, augustus 19, 2009

verjaardagkadoo's/Birthday gifts

Made this 1 for Ina, Idea came from the moda bakeshop. They have some cute things over there.
The tree blocks are for Linda for a birthday block swap, last year I made 1 and that one never arrived, so I Finily made here a new 1 and thought it would be nice to make here another 1 because she has to wait such a long time, keep your fingers crossed that these will arrive

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